Kickstarter: “Made Handsome”

I have been a fan of Kickstarter since I heard about it about two years ago on a website.  Pretty soon I was invited to a friend’s campaign, and have since checked back to the site periodically, just to see what ideas people need help with.  It’s great to see communities build support around a cause.  Sometimes the support comes from friends, sometimes from complete strangers, but it still means a lot to see people pledging their hard-earned dollars toward your goal.  I mean, remember pledging campaigns you did in elementary school?  Pledging jump rope time, races, hula-hooping contests…it felt great when your neighbors wanted to lend their support.

Now one of my friends is in need of said support.

I met Nate Utesch by accident back in 2007, when I was visiting my family in Fort Wayne on break from school.  I went to see a band that I had seen perform in Bloomington while they were touring, and Nate’s band, Metavari, just so happened to be playing their first show.  Their electronic-based, instrumental, indie sound resonated well with me, and I became a fan.  It was only after noting his skills as a musician, that I became aware of Nate Utesch, the artist.

As a graphic designer, Nate had created most of the posters, album art, and merch designs for his band, as well as musicians in need.  He’s got a very distinct style that is innovative and fresh, yet with a classic touch.  Recently, he’s worked on a project called Ferocious Quarterly. FQ is a journal of art and fiction works from designers, writers, and illustrators from all over the world.  So far Nate and his team have produced two issues of Ferocious Quarterly, both with different themes and a variety of artworks.  However, the beautifully-filled, thick pages are expensive to put together and distribute, and FQ is in serious need of financial support to keep providing this great journal and providing a space for artists to create and share.

The next issue of Ferocious Quarterly is coming up close on its due date, while funding is at an all-time low.  The issue is to be titled “Made Handsome”, and the theme is for the contributions to be named after and inspired by real-world newspaper headlines from around the world.  It will be a full-color publication with a limited edition die-cut dust jacket (yeah, it will be beautiful), and printed semi-locally at Courier Printing in Grabill, Indiana.  Basically, I’m telling you that this is a great and special project that is in serious need on financial support.  Any contribution you can give go directly toward making this great publication available to the public, and giving artists a chance unite and show off their creativity.

To pledge to the cause, visit the campaign on Made Handsome”: Art & Fiction Journal Inspired by Headlines“. There are tons of great gifts and incentives for your dollars listed on the site, but keep this one in mind, without your help, this publication is not possible! The goal is $14,000 and there is quite a way to go to meet that goal, and only a little over a month until the pledge deadline.

Help make something great happen!


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