Foo Fighter Fate

Today was an interesting day in terms of listening habits.  As I headed out the door for an out-of-town job, I reached into my usual collection of music I’m currently listening to (mostly new releases from local bands), and instead, decided to get out my big CD catalog binder.  I settled on blink-182, first Dude Ranch, and then their self-titled 2003 release (which I still consider to be their most epic album). These choices were inspired by two things.

1. A friend recently released a pop-punk EP that reminded me of everything I loved about the genre and,

2. It’s currently the IU Spring Break, which means all of us still in Bloomington get to relax and enjoy the town. The gleefully (often drunkenly) yelled theme “SPRING BREAK!!” kept re-occurring in my head, reminding me of Spring Break 2004, when I spent the entire week in Florida with friends, listening to the Blink-182 and raving about how epic it was.


The musical quest into albums/bands I used to live by carried on into the evening, when I left to return errands, and again looked through my old collection for ride tunes.  This time I selected There Is Nothing Left to Lose by Foo Fighters, one of my all-time favorite rock bands.  As I cruised down the winding back-roads to “Breakout”, “Gimme Stitches”, and “Next Year”, I just let my mind reminisce and how much I love every progression of that band.  They have yet to take a false step with me.  I still yearn to see them live, and I can’t wait for what the next album holds.

ENTER: my daily blog reader (Google).

As I cruised through my music-related posts of the day I caught this wonderful message from Paste.


It is only fitting that I can get psyched about upcoming Foo Fighters releases (new album: Wasting Light, new single/video “Rope”, new documentary: Back and Forth), special Foo Record Store Day releases (album of covers: Medium Rare, and RSD in general at this very moment.

You see, I love Record Store Day.  I’ve actually been pretty mellow in anticipation this year compared to in past years, but I’ve had a lot on my mind as of late…still do.  But I remember the first Record Store Day, I stood in line at Landlocked for at least an hour and walked out with the very album I picked up today, There Is Nothing Left to Lose.  Yeah, I didn’t really care too much for all the crazy releases and vinyl issues (I don’t own a record player).  I wanted to find a great album to add to my collection, and it was just sitting there.  The only album I didn’t have.

I just find it an odd coincidence, I’ll even call it fate, that I picked up that album and reminisced today only to get home, and find that the band I will always love, is still keeping it real, and ready to put out new material.

I. Can’t. Wait.

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