Artist of the Week: Little Scream

Ever since I caught this video of Little Scream‘s “The Heron and The Fox”, I have been unable to get Laurel Sprengelmeyer‘s soft, angelic voice out of my head. Perhaps I am all too comfortable with the setting of a frosted-windowed car in the middle of bleak winter. Despite the apparent shivering cold, the sight of Sprengelmeyer, squished into a backseat strumming, toe-tapping, and singing while her accompanying bandmates sing and shake their shakers is very warming.

Little Scream is an appropriate moniker for Sprengelmeyer’s whispered vocal style that comes of as sweet but in no way naive. Her lyrics are filled with imagery and intricacies that point out a highly observant mind. An Iowa native, Sprengelmeyer grew up playing the violin and piano. Somewhere down the line she ended up in Canada sharing the stage with the likes of The Sea and Cake, Atlas Sound, Stars and many other notable musical Canadianites.

Her debut album The Golden Record was released April 12 on Secretly Canadian and was co-produced with Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre). A woman of many talents, Little Scream also created the oil painting which is featured as the album’s cover.  Her tracks “The Heron and The Fox” and “Cannons” are available for free stream/download on bandcamp and the SC website, so please check it out and if you really enjoy what you hear, purchase the album!!

From what I’ve heard, seen, and read about Little Scream, I can’t wait to dive further into her musical world. I hope you will too!

For More on Little Scream:
Little Scream Website
SC Artist Page

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