“Calgary”: New Bon Iver Track is HERE

If you haven’t heard yet, a track has been released from the upcoming Bon Iver album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver. It’s called “Calgary” and it is quite a beautiful piece. It’s different from any song from For Emma, Forever Ago, but who would want the same album twice? From first listen this song has a kind of new-wave(y) vibe and a lot of experimentation with different sounds. Above all it’s UPBEAT and UPLIFTING in tone, which is great, because no matter how beautiful For Emma is, it remains an album that I cannot get through without thinking of my deepest, saddest, insecurities and feeling the urge to grab a couch, grab a tub of ice cream, and wallow in my pathetic shortcomings. Here’s to an album to (hopefully) be on the mix tape for summer road trips.

Not only is the new track available for FREE DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW, you can also bust out the ol’ credit card and pre-order the album with some sweet bonus items!


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