Tips From The Mailroom #1

Dear bands,

Please do NOT advertise how many “Likes” you have on Facebook as a potential selling point when sending out music/press-kits. It’s like bragging about how many MySpace friends you had, or that guy at the party who claims to have 2,000 Facebook “friends”. It is an arbitrary number when it comes to what is really important, which is how good your music sounds.


PS: If you don’t have any exciting statistics yet (i.e. “Most Downloads on [big impressive website”, “Artist to Watch on [big website]”, “Has shared the stage with…”), then use the one-sheet to focus on telling people who you are, what you sound like, and your creative process. That’s all they are really looking to find out anyway.

On of my many “side” gigs is opening mail at the local radio station. I get to enjoy handling fresh new music, but also, I get to laugh at the ever-so-common errors many bands make when trying to promote their music and their sound via “the one-sheet”. I have decided to instead turn this inside joke into an opportunity to teach. Look forward to more “Tips For The Mailroom”.


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