New Song: Dreamers of the Ghetto “Heavy Love”

Click here to check out the DOTG session on Shaking Through

I love seeing deserving local bands getting a shot to share their music with a wider audience.  That’s just the opportunity that Dreamers of the Ghetto received from Shaking Through, a ‘new music incubator’ run by Weathervane Music and WXPN radio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Shaking Through asked Bloomington’s Ben Swanson, co-founder/owner of the Secretly Canadian record label to name a band that the label doesn’t work with that he thought deserved a shot in the spotlight.  His pick, and a darn good one, was Dreamers of the Ghetto.

If you have yet to check out this Bloomington family band, please do.  DOTG is an artistic band making authentic and inspiring music.  This feature on Shaking Through gives a great look at the band’s creative process and aspirations.  Check out the new song “Heavy Love” that the band recorded for the session and check out the interviews and behind-the-scenes video feature Shaking Through: Dreamers of the Ghetto that was made in Philadelphia for the site.


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