Tips from the Mailroom #3

DO make your press package stand out!

One of the coolest packages I’ve ever received from a band was filled with not only the CD, but a hand-written note with info about the album and the band.  Seems plain right? Except that the note had been cut up into carefully designed puzzle pieces that I had to put together in order to read.  Why is this cool?

1. It caught my attention.

2. It got me engaged and interested.

3. Someone who would put that much effort into making their pitch special would appear to care about their product (music) a lot.

I was instantly more curious about the music I had received, and listened to it immediately.  The music was just as creative as the promotional approach (thank goodness!!!).

How this could backfire: If you are just using the gimmick to mask uninteresting or unoriginal music.  DON’T take advantage, DO show that you care.


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