The “Moose” Hunt

Have you been left feeling abandoned due to the break up of yet another musical project featuring Indianapolis musician David “Moose” Adamson??  While my stereo still nurses my BIGBIGcar addiction on occasion, the recent pre-album-release breakup of the latest Adamson project Jookabox left me feeling a little empty this spring.  And of course I just had to keep wondering…what’s next?? It’s not like Adamson could just STOP making music, there has to be something in the works.  Thankfully, I’m not the only one with that question, and even better NUVO’s Scott Shoger is already on top of the scoop.

Check out this great Q & A he did with Adamson and recently posted on NUVO.  The interview is set in anticipation the release of Drem Beb, a new cassette-only limited release by Adamson’s latest solo project DMA (his initials).  Following the more explosive, beat-heavy sound that Jookabox became, DMA picks up right where Jookabox left off, mixing electronic sounds, samples, and drums, with Adamson’s often shrill vocals.

The new album is available for stream on bandcamp.  The cassette will be released on Joyful Noise Recordings the Friday at the Earth House in Indianapolis.  Here’s a look at the first video/single “Riding Holiday”.


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