Dreamers of the Ghetto Signs with Temporary Residence Limited

Photo by Greg Shappell

This has been a great week for local signings, first with Sleeping Bag signing with Joyful Noise Recordings (Indianapolis), and now Dreamers of the Ghetto has announced its signing to Brooklyn-based label Temporary Residence Limited.  Home to noteworthy bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Pinback, and The Drift, TRL is excited to release the band’s debut album Enemy/Lover this fall.

“We feel extremely fortunate and excited to work with TRL. They are a loyal and honorable label in these strange musical times. We have a tremendous respect for Jeremy Devine and what he’s accomplished running the label. We have not met anyone else like him in this business.” – Luke Jones, Dreamers of the Ghetto.

Luke Jones of DOTG. Photo courtesy of Shaking Through

Vocalist/Bassist Luke Jones was kind enough to answer a few questions on the big news and what’s in store for the band:

HipsterSpinster: What were your first impressions of TRL and how did that come into play when deciding to go with the label?

Luke Jones: Our first impression was a good one. We met Jeremy Devine while doing a spree of shows in New York this January. We had been in contact before. Jeremy came to every one of our shows in New York. Four days in a row in one of the worst snow storms NY has had in years. He was very up front about working with us and truly seemed excited. He also loved the album we recorded and wanted to release it basically as is.

HipsterSpinster: What is the progress on the upcoming album? What are you hoping will come out of the time spent on the new album?

Luke Jones: We did spend 7 days remixing the album with Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home Studio in Louisville, KY a month ago. Mastering is finished and it sounds great. The recordings themselves we did at Russian Recording with Michael Bridavsky and got great recordings. Jeremy was there the entire time we mixed as well. Unheard of that a label head would sit in on the entire mixing process. We feel very fortunate to have worked with Michael, Ratterman and Jeremy. Our only hope of this album is to spread the word and open new doors so we can continue putting out albums. We did sign a two album deal with TRL!

HipsterSpinster: Is there a release date set for Enemy/Lover?

Luke Jones: September 20th is what we are shooting for but for now we are saying this fall.

HipsterSpinster: Will the songs on Enemy/Lover be different from those recorded on your self-released album of demos?

Luke Jones: All the same songs will be on the album including two more for a total of 10. We all agreed these songs needed to get out there. We are already writing and performing some of the material that will be on album two.

Look forward to more great news and music from this family band!!


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