“Summer Breeze” cover by Maps & Atlases

Most people associate the song “Summer Breeze” with folk artists Seals & Croft, I’ve heard it a number of times, you know, it’s a great song. But in my house growing up, there was no other version than that of The Isley Brothers, from their 1973 album 3 +3. It’s a song I literally grew up with, a classic album on my dad’s record player, I believe he also dubbed it to cassette for road trips and the bought the CD when we moved on to that technology. I don’t want to get off on a tangent about how great The Isley Brothers are, but to leave with one point, they paved the ways for black musicians genre-hopping from gospel to rock, to funk and playing their own instruments (something that’s died off quite a bit in Black American music.) Anyway, it’s a great summer song, and so I could only be thrilled when my favorites Maps & Atlases covered the track for AV Club in the Threadless t-shirt company’s warehouse.

Click image to check out the AV Club performance of Summer Breeze

I’ve never purchased any Threadless tees, but I’ve seen them in all their bold and colorful glory, so it makes sense that this place is set with white backgrounds so that all the crazy colors, artwork, (and costumes??) stand out.  It really adds a fun element to the video, plus, when was the last time your band was interviewed by a refrigerator??  Shenanigans aside, this is an awesome cover that I wouldn’t mind having on my iPod.  Click the photo above to watch/listen to the Maps & Atlases cover, check out the video below to hear the cover by The Isley Brothers.


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