5 Reasons You Should Buy Sleeping Bag’s “Sleeping Bag”

Debut LP from out on Joyful Noise Recordings NOW!

Sleeping Bag the self-titled album from Bloomington latest favorite rock band is out TODAY and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve been pretty pumped about this album for almost a year now and have shared that quite extensively on this blog so I’ll keep things short and give you FIVE reasons your should add this album to your collection RIGHT NOW!

1. It is great!

You may find my opinion totally biased, but please trust that it is not.  This is a great, simple, enjoyable album by a talented band.  The songs are well-written and recorded.  As for sound, a lot of people compare them to Pavement.  It’s garage indie rock.  A lot of low, distorted, guitar sounds, monotone vocals with harmonies applied in the chorus for a little extra color.  I think they sound very reminiscent of Indianapolis band and now label mates Marmoset.

2. Superband

Sleeping Bag is made up of three of the most talented musicians I have ever met.  And with the record Bloomington has for hosting great musicians (even more than just the Jacobs School of Music folks), that says a lot.  I never imagined these three getting together to make music, but when they did, it immediately seemed like the perfect combination of musicianship, demeanor, and humor.

Front (back) man Dave Segedy hails from Muncie, IN where he rose to regional and national attention behind the drums with the band Arrah and the Ferns.  Since relocating to Bloomington, he has sat in with a number of great Indiana bands including Prayer Breakfast, Everybody/The Native Young, Grampall Jookabox, among others.  Sleeping Bag developed from his solo project as Whoa Bro Awesome, when he first began incorporating guitar into his drum performances.  He writes the songs, plays the drums, and sings the words in Sleeping Bag.

Bassist David Woodruff is also quite superb in his musicianship.  A clever and talented songwriter Woodruff rose to local fame writing, singing, and working the guitar for Cardboard back in the day, which later developed into the delightful indie-pop band we’ve come to know as the Delicious.  He’s also played in Kentucky Nightmare and released a cassette single under his solo (ish) project Smedley Jergins (with the Rogers brothers on harmonies).  His other claim to fame is his inspiring artwork, designing album covers, photos, concert posters, websites (and sleeping bags) for the local music community.

Guitarist Lewis Rogers is a musician who has never ceased to impress me from the day I met him.  When I met Lewis, he was often seen playing music in the street with his brother and another set of brothers in a barbershop quartet-like, busking pop-foursome Busman’s Holiday.  I was shocked to find that he was still in high school at the time.  Five years later he’s still writing some of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard with Busman’s Holiday, playing in jazz combos when he has the time (and the occasional hip-hop trio), and now a rocking, dancing, always-smiling guitarist in Sleeping Bag.  Also note, Lewis Rogers has an excellent sense of humor, be prepared to fall for his stage presence and witty banter.

3. Sleeping Bag (why not?)

Screen-printed by David J Woodruff

4. Rental

Best song on the album.  I promise you will love it.

5. Short and sweet

The guys don’t waste time on this album.  Each song clocks in close to 3 minutes or less.  Who needs long solos, intricate verses, and big words to make an impact? Not these guys.  This album goes by quick, but not as background music.  Each song has a distinct flavor and the solid drumwork will keep you bouncing, swaying, and singing along.  Before you realize it, you’ll be on your fourth full-album listen, like I am right now.


Scone Zone: It’ll sneak up on you.

Listen to the album: bandcamp
Buy the album: Joyful Noise Recordings
Find Sleeping Bag:

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