Kimya Dawson Singing to her Chickens


That is a video of Kimya Dawson singing a beautiful song…to her chickens.  And why not?  Music makes my world feel whole, I’m sure it would brighten up a chicken’s day as well.  Actually this video was made in support of 900Bats, an online campaign to raise awareness about the cruelty and deaths involved with bat torching in India by creating what the site calls a “resource for arts, information, and oddities”.  This performance (click to read about the video and her upcoming album) represents so many things that I love about Kimya Dawson.

Why you may ask?  Let’s start with a story.

My mom called me the first time she saw Kimya Dawson perform on television. She didn’t get it, and tried to ask me to explain it to her. “Why are people all crazy about this woman??” She thought that she seemed ordinary and kinda strange at the same time. She thought her voice wasn’t amazing. I guess in a world full of Lady GaGas and Christina Aguileras belting it out and dressing like every appearance is a Vogue runway, it seems weird for someone to just live life and make music.

I just told her, “I like what she has to say, and I like her spirit. She makes simple songs that say a lot.” My mother gave her standard “OK” to end the conversation without actually resolving anything.

Now, four years later, here is why I really love Kimya Dawson:

Because everything she does is beautiful, every word that she sings is gold.

That may be a bold statement, so let me break it down. I love Kimya Dawson and her music because she’s not afraid to be honest, kind, vulnerable, and encouraging. In a world where sarcasm is king and it’s cool to hide your real emotions and pretend the world doesn’t affect you, it’s refreshing to hear a voice that says that that’s all crap. Be honest, learn to like yourself, take care of yourself, and do your best to take care of and understand those who are around you. Chances are they might be hurting just like you once were, and you may be able to learn something from each other.

We all go through battles and struggles.  ALL GIRLS really DO feel to big sometimes…regardless of their size.  Tell your friends that you love them.  Hug them like you mean it.  And most importantly, even on your darkest and worst day, look past that, you could turn things around and fill your future with meaningful things like being a good at telling stories, working at a job that you love, being a good parent, being a good friend.  These are all lessons that appear in Kimya’s songs and that keep my spirit up when I’m feeling down.  Here’s my absolute favorite song of hers:

More honesty from Kimya:


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