Free Dodos Tickets?? YES PLEASE!

I love The Dodos.  Like seriously.  If I could spend the day just walking around eating at a restaurant with an outdoor seating area and hanging out with this band, that would be the life.  The Dodos make amazing music that is the perfect rhythmic marriage between guitar and percussion.  I mean listen to any of their songs and it’s not your typical guitar-drum duo in with the guitar plays the melody with the rhythm and beat only being set by the drummer.  Guitarist, vocalist Meric Long is working just as hard to build intense rhythmic guitar fills to complement the many layers of percussion work of Logan Kroeber.  The band has such a distinct flavor that is only sweetened with the cherry on top which is Long’s beautiful voice.

The Dodos are currently on tour, and while the band still doesn’t have a Bloomington re-date on the calendar, I’m pulling for one of their other regional shows for my chance to when some FREE tickets.  What’s that? FREE TICKETS? Yes, indeed.  You read (or heard to narrator in your head) correctly.  The band is giving away two free tickets to each of its upcoming North American tour dates.  All you have to do is visit The Dodos website, add your email in the little box on the top-right corner, and wait by your computer…everyday.  Okay, maybe not every day, you can go out and live your life in hopes that your name will be picked, but while you do, you can listen to the FREE download you will receive, it’s a live album from the band’s May 13th performance in Amsterdam!  It will be sent straight to your inbox…in face I’m already listening to mine.  Be warned, it’s all one file from start to finish that’s over an hour long, but soooo worth it, just probably not suitable to stick on your iPod unless you have audio file editing skills (like this guy).

Also, check out the band’s latest video for “Good from the latest album No Color.

PS: For those in the Midwest area, if you could do me a big favor and NOT sign up so that I can win these tickets, that would be great.  Thanks.

DODOS Live In Amsterdam Tracklisting:

  1. Good
  2. Black Night
  3. When Will You Go
  4. Longform
  5. Don’t Try and Hide It
  6. All Night
  7. Companions
  8. Winter
  9. The Season
  10. Fools
  11. Going Under

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