Cloud Control – In a Record Store Near You (finally.)

Okay, I’ve been about this band Cloud Control ever since I literally walked into a conversation with their drummer in a crowded venue in Sydney over two YEARS ago. Well, two years, one album, and a few sporadic US tours later and the band is finally getting noticed by the right ears in the States.  Their debut album Bliss Release was released in the United States TODAY by UK label Infectious Music and to celebrate, Paste Magazine is letting you listen to the entire album online this week.  Trust me, you’ll want to give this Aussie band a listen, because they are great in so many ways.

But if you don’t want to take my word on it, and you are skeptical about Paste, then try this session the band did during its recent short US tour at BreakThru Radio in Brooklyn, New York.  Cloud Control stopped in to play a few songs (with their new bassist!) and chat with DJ Maia (who also did one of my favorite interviews with Cast Spells last year).  This band is full of such lovely and talented people, and their interviews are always fun.  This session includes some really great versions of Bliss Release tracks, with some crazy reverb and watery effects on “Gold Canary”, and a much more 80s-a-fied version of “My Fear #2”.  Check out the video below, and click THIS LINK to hear the entire in-studio session where Maia asks some great questions to let listeners in on what this band is all about.  It’s worth it.  Please enjoy!


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