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I will be the first to admit that the first time I heard a Tammar song, I was confused and unsold. The song was long, took what seemed like “forever” (in 21st century time, more than one minute) to build up to what would be the song’s chorus, and I was in a situation where I was being asked an opinion on over 100 tracks in the same evening. Not ideal conditions to make a sound judgement. Thankfully, the band played live soon after. I went to the concert and was completely absorbed in their live energy…and the fact that they often play in the dark  The electro, psychedelic, percussive-heavy layers of sound were both energizing and mesmerizing.

Now Tammar is ready to released its album Visits, available on Suicide Squeeze Records on September 20, 2011.  The seven-song album features the static-filled, thunderous psych rock and subtle vocals that fans have become familiar with as well as guest vocals from local indie darling Erin Tobey.  My favorite tracks are “Summer Fun”, “Young Jun”, “Deep Witness” (which has gotten a more rockin’ makeover since the last time I heard it over a year ago), and “Arrows Underground.”

Stream the album RIGHT NOW on AOL/Spinner (only available for this week), or give the album a listen on Spotify. The album is available for pre-order now at Suicide Squeeze.

*Also, for Bloomington fans there will be a “Visits” Listening Party on Monday, September 19 at Landlocked Music (202 N Walnut). The party starts at 7PM, there will be FREE PIZZA.

More on Tammar:
Suicide Squeeze


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