YouTube: Morgan Freeman on The Electric Company

I’ve got some interesting (music-related) posts coming up, but I just had to share this with you:

This is one of the single greatest videos I have ever come across on YouTube.  Morgan Freeman, accomplished actor, the voice of God (Bruce Almighty), go-to narrator for big-time documentaries, is getting his groove on with The Electric Company.  This show still airs on PBS, but is a lot more urban, hip-hop influenced, and….well, MODERN.  However, back in the day (the 1970s to be exact), this show was the next step up for helping kids with their literacy skills after they were considered to old for Sesame Street.  Morgan Freeman isn’t the only star you’ll see gyrating and using terms like “heavy” and “groovy”, his humble side kick was Broadway and television star Rito Moreno and even Mel Brooks had a role on the show.  And don’t forget the cameos…


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