Stream Dreamers of the Ghetto’s “Enemy/Lover” on Spinner THIS WEEK!

There is high anticipation for the release of Enemy/Lover, the debut album from local band Dreamers of the Ghetto, which is finally due out this Tuesday on the Brooklyn-based Temporary Residence Limited label.  If you still aren’t convinced that this band is the next big thing (seriously where is head at??), then give the album a try RIGHT NOW!  Enemy/Lover is available for a first listen on AOL/Spinner this week, so click on over and get listening! (Stream is now disabled, but please head on over to Temporary Residence and BUY THIS ALBUM!)

As a local who has been listening to their self-released demo since I bought it back in February, I am pleasantly pleased by the subtle changes to the big debut version.  A few instrumentals have been added to break up the album, there are small changes in the instrumentation, vocal arrangements, and beginnings of a few songs.  All changes I find appropriate and even more enhancing.  I can’t wait to grab my copy and sit down with this album for a nice review.

My favorite? Dark Falcons

If you live in the Bloomington area (or are up on the times and want to tune in online), be sure to check out my interview with the band on WFHB’s Local Live this Wednesday!  They’ll be sitting in the studio with me, playing songs off the new album, and discussing how it all came together!  Tune in from anywhere online or 98.1/91.3 FM (Bloomington), 106.3 FM (Ellettsville), 100.7 FM (Nashville).  And if you are super cool, you’ll donate to the station’s Fall Fund Drive!


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