For Your Fall Soundtrack: Kalispell – Last Year EP

I introduced my readers to Kalispell back in August, after being completely mesmerized by the Eau Claire, WI band’s set in my friend’s living room.  The band, which mainly features the words and music of Shane Leonard joined by his equally talented friends creates some of the most beautiful, imagery-filled, emotionally drenched music I’ve heard this year.  And now that the leaves are beginning to turn their colors and the wind is becoming a bit more crisp, this album just feels like the perfect companion.  Trust me, I listened to it in my living room while the sunset lazily fell into my apartment, I listened to it as I drove around Bloomington – taking in the sights of fall, and couldn’t stop humming it as I walked through the downtown square.

The closing/title track “Last Year” particularly gives me chills and smiles (simultaneously) every time I hear it.

I happen to believe that it’s the slow, but complacent tone of the three ballads which dress this EP.  Also there is a really beautiful melodic relationship shared between guitar and piano, that just remind me of soft dust and sunlight (don’t ask why, it’s just what I see.)  Something about this music just feels right with the autumn season.  I hope you will give it a listen, perhaps even help the band out and buy it!  If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where the colors and changes of Autumn appear, I encourage to download the album and take it along with you as you walk about and take in the season. If you live someplace where it is green all the time, first of all – sorry, second – do something Fall-esque, like apple picking, make/drink apple cider with friends, or just go for a good Autumn walk with this music, it will do the trick. I cannot wait for the full album to be completed. If it’s even half as good as these three songs, I can already foresee the next year being grounded in this album.

More about Kalispell:


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