The Revival Hour aka New Music from DM Stith

I’m in a hurry so I’m going to make this short and sweet.

New music is out from DM Stith in a collaboration called The Revival Hour.  The two tracks “Hold Back” and “Run Away” are available as a digital download and a limited edition 7″ vinyl.  BUY IT!!!  This stuff is sooooo amazing.  DM Stith just never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and chameleon-like abilities to successfully mold himself into any musical style.  That’s what being an artist is about, challenges and exploration.  The Revival Hour is a collaboration between DM Stith and John Mark Lapham (The Earlies, The Late Cord) with contributions from members of The Earlies, Shearwater, and My Brightest Diamond.  The single is mixed by Richard Swift!!!

As for the music, “Hold Back” has a very gospel and soulful to it, with Stith’s somewhat relaxed vocals and the choir of voices that harmonize and the respond to him in the chorus.  The heavy strings and heavy brass bring a haunting quality to the tune, which would make any Stith fan feel comfortable.  “Run Away” has sort of jungle feel to it, heavy with percussive sounds and reverbed voices.  Stith’s high, shrill singing fits perfectly in the blend.

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