Daytrotter Session: DM Stith

Seriously, someone pinch me. Yesterday came the news of new music from DM Stith‘s musical collaboration The Revival Hour, and today Daytrotter has posted a new session with DM Stith.  Could life get any sweeter?

Click image to hear the DM Stith Daytrotter Session

The four tracks featured are all familiar tunes, Stith has been performing the newer track of the group, “My Impatience” in concerts for about a year now, the soft and short “Abraham’s Song” made its first appearance on the Curtain Speech EP, but is a bit more expanded vocally in this version.  “Pigs” has first seen on 2009’s Heavy Ghost album, and then was re-worked to feature live horns and drums from Bloomington’s own Jefferson Street Parade Band for the Heavy Ghost Appendices album, but this version is even more different than both.  It’s faster paced than the near-gloomy original, and takes vocal cues from some of the brass arrangement for a chorus style vocal response behind Stith’s verses.  I like it, probably my favorite version of this song.  The session finishes with the enchanted “Spirit Ditch“, a Sparklehorse cover, which, honestly, upon hearing prompted me to listen to and purchase my first ever Sparklehorse album.  I only wish that the late Mark Linkous himself were still with us to hear such a beautiful interpretation of his work.

Listen to it, download it, and support Daytrotter for all the great sessions and music it shares!  Link: DM Stith Daytrotter

Also: Check out DM Stith’s FIRST Daytrotter session from 2009 featuring former Bloomington musician Michael Dixon (Memory Map, Homecomings, Prayer Breakfast, Rep Seki, etc.)



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