New Video: Andy D – “Alchemy of the D”

*WARNING: This music video features bright flashing lights and magic.  If you are prone to seizures, please proceed with caution.

It’s Andy freakin’ D, and he’s back with a message to share.

There are so many things to love about Andy D‘s new video for “Alchemy Of The D“, the next single from his latest release Songs in the Key of Magic (Roaring Colonel Records.) From the start with him tinkering with the magical device seen in the boombox device that we saw in “New Addiction” and the cameo by Bloomington’s own Crystal Sullivan, to Andy rapping into his game controller/microphone contraption, and an appearance by Lord Sven Midnite on guitar, “Alchemy of the D” only adds more credibility to the ridiculously awesome mayhem which is Andy D. Nothing is too much for Andy D and Anna Vision.

“Alchemy of the D” is a party song, on top of the electronic drumbeats and synthesizer are lyrics like “If you’ve never see a man explode, then you’ve never been to an Andy D show/ If you’ve never seen lead turn to gold, then you’ve never seen this boy on overload!” The song is pretty straightforward, it’s about dancing and getting freaky with the D. Even the biggest skeptic at least bobbing their head along, and probably get the catchy beats and chorus stuck in their head.


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