New Video: Cloud Control – “Death Cloud”

When I noticed that Cloud Control has a new video out for its next single “Death Cloud“, I felt a little confused. I seem to remember an adorable and fun DIY video they made for the tune back in 2008. However, as the band has been seriously stepping up its game over that past two years, it’s not surprising that they decided to revamp this classic into a whole new phenomenon.

The new “Death Cloud” is a single featured on the re-release of 2010’s Bliss Release by UK label Infectious Music. I was skeptical at first, but this version of the song has its positives as well. For one thing, the sound is much more massive, it’s like all of the instrument sounds were cranked up to 11, the guitar, bass, drums, and even tambourine sound bigger and bolder. The only subtleties comes from the keyboard chords which sneak in softly beneath the verses, but show off in the pre-chorus verse. Also it starts off with a melodic cannon of looped vocals that immediately attracts the listener and leads them well into the instrumental build of the song’s start. Add in the vocal effects and the slowed down tempo, and this song is transformed from and cutesy, indie-pop track, to an arena-worth alternative rock anthem. This song is a perfect example of how much this band has grown and developed over the past few years.

As for the actual video, it’s the first I’ve seen from the band in which none of band members are actually featured. Instead, we are given a plot that sort of gives the vibe of a modern version of E.T. The main story follows two young men who drive out into the desert in order to free what appears to be an alien being (with a rather large head.)  Along the way they stop to check on it, stop for directions, and drive through winding dusty roads.

Watch it, love it, and enjoy a free download of the song.


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