New Video: The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”

I’ve been a fan of The Black Keys for years now, and it’s been an interesting ride watching this band transform over time.  The duo’s garage(y) blues/rock mix sound has evolved to a more accessible sound (a little less bluesy, a tad more rock), but what never ceases to impress me about this musical force is its creativity.  From the music, to the entertaining videos, to their collaborations with artists and producers completely outside of their genre Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open with their abilities to mix things up and give us the unexpected. The video for the band’s latest single, the first from upcoming album El Camino, is no different. Featuring some super-tight dance moves and just the right level of enthusiasm, “Lonely Boy” will have you laughing, dancing, and convinced to pre-order that album RIGHT NOW.  “Lonely Boy” will be available as a 12″ single for Record Store Day‘s “Back to Black Friday” campaign on November 25th along with another album single “Run Right Back.”

This guy can really move.

El Camino is set for release on December 6, 2011 on Nonesuch Records.


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