Halloween Flashback Track #2: Michael Jackson “Ghosts”

‘Tis the season, and I’ve got playlist fever (thanks to Spotify.)  The next song I want to share that should be in everyone’s Halloween soundtrack would be an often forgotten Michael Jackson track title “Ghosts*.”  This song was featured on 1997’s Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix and was written and composed by MJ and famed hip-hop producer Teddy Riley. The song is everything an eerie, spooky, ghostly tune should be. Feature ethereal chorus voices and haunting electronic string and organ tones in the background of Jackson’s classic electronic percussion. The song is one of many of Jackson’s many “fight back tracks” in light of the investigations and  attacks on him for alleged child sexual abuse, prescription drug abuse, and other negative and personal allegations. It’s a strong song, actually my favorite Michael Jackson song of all time, but what really begs your attention is the music video. Sure, “Thriller” is a classic Jackson tune, but “Ghosts” takes what “Thriller” built much further with the help of modern technology and costume art.

The music video for “Ghosts” is another one of Jackson’s classic long-form videos complete with a plot, characters, and amazing dance moves.  It even features other great tracks from the album like “Is It Scary” and “Too Bad”.  The video is actually a clip taken from a film Ghosts that Jackson wrote with Stephen King and debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Jackson plays two of the main characters in the video with the use of make-up, costumes, and effects, and is deceivingly frightening. Also showcased in the video/film is Jackson’s natural comedic charm and flair for the dramatic. As another long-form video, the actual version is over thirty-nine minutes and thirty-one seconds long and holds record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest music video.  The short version (not nearly as good) can be viewed here, but you can check out the full version in parts below.

*Note: Multiple sources have titled this song as “Ghost” or “Ghosts”.  My copy of the actual album lists the song as “Ghosts”, so that I what I used.

Did I Scare You?


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