New Song: e.p. hall – “Mechanical Hands”

Just about to head out to Halloween festivities and found this delightful news on Facebook. The one and only e.p. hall finally has a tasty new track that everyone needs to download into their Halloween baskets RIGHT NOW!

Photo by Sarah Law Photography

The track is called “Mechanical Hands” and is beautiful in all ways e.p. hall’s music is.  There are mechanical sounds in the low-fi background, almost sounding like crickets and late-afternoon bugs chirping in an echo-y air chamber. And Elise Percy’s lovely voice sings on with a loose and soulful style. Trust me, you’ll spend your whole evening with the haunting refrain in your head: “You can ink what you say, but you want what you take.”

Download the track on the e.p. hall website, and you’ll want to take this demo now, as Elise has promised that a completely different version of the song will appear on her next album.

Or just listen: Mechanical Hands by e.p. hall


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