New Video: Andy D – “Angels on the Dancefloor”

Yes, you read that correctly. Andy D has been hard at work lately. Having just released the music video for “Alchemy of the D“, the man the goes ‘bump in the nite’ is already back with another audio/visual treat. “Angels on the Dancefloor” is the second single from 2001’s Songs In The Key Of Magic and is one of my top tracks on the album. The video is anything but what I could have expected. Having always seen this song performed in a bar with dim lighting and with the song containing the word “dancefloor” in the title, I half-expected the video to reflect a dark dance club.  I should have known to expect the unexpected with Andy D. In opposition to any those ideas, instead this video is shot outdoors in the daylight and in an alley street.  Beginning per usual with Andy D and his magical boombox contraption, this video is full of props, characters (a nice cameo by Oreo Jones), and a steamy dance scene between Andy D and Anna Vision. Directed by Indianapolis team Circa: Forever this video provides an unexpected tameness to the usual mayhem and craziness present in past Andy D videos. Also, this song features one of the best, most matter-of-fact opening lyrics that I have ever heard.



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