Kalispell Heads Back to Bloomington

A few months ago I introduced my readers to my latest music crush Kalispell, an acoustic project from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I am so in love with the soothing sounds that this band makes, and fortunately, Kalispell will be back in Bloomington to fill that very same living room with its inspiring folk music. If you are a fan of other Eau Claire bands such as Bon Iver and S. Carey, you will definitely find a space in your musical library for Kalispell.

Kalispell at WMSE Radio-Milwaukee

Consisting of songwriter/guitarist Shane Leonard, pedal steel player Ben Lester (AA Bondy, S. Carey), and percussionist Dave Power (Adelyn Rose), Kalispell is an ambitious musical trio creative folk tunes that are good for the soul. The songs are filled with beautiful lyrics, calming tones, and a vivid sense of imagery that brings your mind to a different world. The band has released two EPs, both available to stream/purchase on its bandcamp page, with an album in the works for February 2012.

Shane Leonard will be playing a solo house show in Bloomington on Tuesday, November 8 along with Indianapolis musician/designer Neil Kjeldsen and local musician Burke Sullivan. If you have followed Indiana music for the past 6 years or so, you may remember Burke Sullivan as the drummer for Marion, IN band Away With Vega, he has also performed in Owlsburg, and filled in as the touring drummer for Bloomington’s husband&wife (now moving into the role officially), and will find himself performing his solo music at this show. Music begins at 7 PM, email the band or myself for the house show address.

While this show is open to the all who are interested in hearing great music, space is LIMITED, but thankfully, Leonard will also be performing a Kalispell set on Indiana University’s student-run radio station WIUX at 3PM.  Feel free to tune in on 99.1 FM, or on campus cable channel 44, OR online at wiux.org.

More About Kalispell:


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