New Video: “Stereo/Video” – EDM

Today, I am honored to present to a new music video by Bloomington band EDM (formerly Early Day Miners.) “Stereo/ Video” is the first single from the band’s latest album Night People, released on Western Vinyl this summer. The song is a mix of post-rock, funk, and electronic sounds which center around singer Dan Burton’s soothing falsetto. With its haunting refrain “I hear voices on the stereo/ I see faces on the video” and a funky, driving bass line, this track whisks the listener into a state of suspense and attraction that is unable to broken until the song finally hits its climax nearly three minutes in. The music video is equally as creative, unsuspecting, and well-produced as the band’s music.  Shot and directed by fellow musician and videographer Eric Ayotte at various locations in Bloomington, “Stereo/ Video” features an impressive cast of local music enthusiasts (even yours truly) as the main character (portrayed by Burton) recalls a strange night out through flashbacks and hazy memories.

Western Vinyl


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