Flashback Track: Len – “Steal My Sunshine”

This track has been replaying in my mind lately, and I’m not sure why.  It’s a summer song, and with the whipping wind and scattered rain outside, the weather didn’t prompt it as it usually does when I am reminded of this song.  However, here is it, Canadian rock group Lens 1999 one-hit wonder “Steal My Sunshine” from the group’s third album You Can’t Stop the Bumrush.

As I have mentioned, I have always had an attraction to catchy, simple pop songs, and this one definitely qualifies. I was ten years old when this song came out, and just heading into the summer after my fifth grade year as the track continued to push through the radio waves.  Borrowing a musical sample from the 1976 booty-bumping disco track “More, More, More” by Andrea True Connection, “Steal My Sunshine” features siblings Marc and Sharon Costanzo trading-off vocals. Originally a song that literally sat under Marc’s bed and was almost not considered for the album, “Steal My Sunshine” gained such unprecedented success, it pushed forward the release date of You Can’t Stop the Bumrush by nearly a month.

I can’t tell you much about what happened of Len after that year. I remember the group covering “Kids in America” for the Digimon: The Movie soundtrack, but that’s about it. According to the band’s website, Len released its fourth album, The Diary of the Madmen,  six years later, but as with the saga of most one-hit wonders, most of you probably never heard it (I know I didn’t.)  Apparently, the album featured guest work from Biz Markie, a cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star”, and received a 4/5 star rating from Rolling Stone. Who knew?

Spotify: “Steal My Sunshine

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  1. I love this song. Earlier this year I was in Florida and stopped by Daytona Beach where the video was filmed. I put together a then and now blog post on the filming locations.
    Also, LEN is still together and put out a new album a couple of months ago (may only be available in Canada for the time being).


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