New Video: 3rd Eye Visionaries “My City”

3rd Eye Visionaries is the collaborative hip-hop project of local emcees R-Juna and Philmatic, as well as Indianapolis’ DJ Topspeed.  The trio released its debut album Sight Beyond in the summer of 2011 and “My City” is its first single which features local emcee Wondermaxx (formerly of Elephant Quiz).

An anthem that Bloomington could use right now, “My City” is full of reasons to enjoy the open-minded, safe, creative, and laid-back lifestyle Bloomington is known for. The chorus rings true for many who spend their time in this college town, I myself being a perfect example, “My City gets inside your head ’til it’s a part of you. And you can see the true heart in My City, and you can feel like you’re a part of My City“. I meet and greet people who come to Bloomington to visit, study, and stay all the time, and there is definitely a pulse here with those who take the time to step out of campus life and into the life of this town. The video showcases many local spots including the Monroe County Public Library, The Bishop, Kirkwood Avenue, and the Sample Gates, without becoming another cheesy “Bloomington” debacle. Along with the relaxing bass and piano-based rhythms, what really draws me to this song is how they took the favorite lines of each verse to make up the choruses.

If anyone ever asks me about hip-hop music Bloomington, the first and only source I point to is Roy “R-Juna” Waterford. I have absolute confidence that whatever musical project he is involved in is the best in town, and I know he will point me in the right direction toward what other hip-hop sounds are brewing.  I first met Roy in 2007 when he was with the trio 2 Mics and a Kit, and am still a fan now as he takes the stage with 3rd Eye Visionaries.


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  1. I love this song. Saw them do it at the Bishop and bought the CD. The whole CD is good, but this song is a stone cold smash. Great message, great beat. I probably listened to it fifteen times in a row. Never get tired of it. Great job, guys. Spit it and git it!


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