Daytrotter: Tammar

Click here to jump to the Tammar session on Daytrotter!

With a stand-out year for local band Tammar, it only makes sense that they found the time to stop in and record a stellar session with Daytrotter.  They finally found time to release their big debut full length Visits on Suicide Squeeze, and did a hefty bit of touring this past fall.  Check out on the session site now, including 3 song from Visits and an untitled track.

Please also consider getting yourself hooked up with a Daytrotter membership as a holiday gift to yourself. You can download the tracks in a multitude of different formats and enjoy great exclusive live sessions with your favorite and (hopefully) soon-to-be-favorite bands! As Daytrotter just can’t continue providing this amazing content for free (we all got bills to pay!), they are only asking for $2 a month (that’s less than 1 cup of coffee out of your month! And SOOO worth it!) to be a member and have access to not only new content, but their amazing archives of sessions with artist like Wilco, Bon Iver, The War on Drugs, Cass McCombs and so many others. PLUS you get unlimited Daytrotter streaming on your computer or mobile device! If you support the great sessions they do, really consider showing them a little monetary support!


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