New Video: Dreamers of the Ghetto – “Connection”

Dreamers of the Ghetto recently released a new video for “Connection“, the next single from their debut album Enemy/Lover (Temporary Residence Ltd.). I knew from talking with the band that this song is very special for them, especially between husband and wife Luke and Lauren Jones, and this video highlights that relationship in a beautiful way. Amid shadows and silhouettes, this video is overflowing with shots of Luke singing to and dancing with Lauren, shots Lauren singing and admirably gazing back at Luke in the chorus, and this enticing atmosphere of light among darkness, which is a great metaphor for what love can be in one’s life.

Photo by Greg Shappell Photography

Even more captivating is the sense of love among the brothers as the chorus features both Luke and Jonathan singing “When you’re gone I know you’re with me”, often among the band as a foursome, with only those two singing. It’s a powerful image and message, and although this video is not what I could have expected, it captures that message just right, both visually and lyrically. This band always has a way of portraying their message in a unique and artistic way, and this video is a perfect canvas for their spirit. The video was directed by local videographer/director and musician Eric Ayotte.

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