New Video: “Not For This” – Laura K. Balke

Artwork by Xack Gibson

Indianapolis musician Laura K. Balke has released a music video for “Not For This“, a track from her 2011 album Rumors & Legends. A song about inner strength in the face of challenge, “Not For This” is an inspiring song, and the video effectively portrays its message in a powerful way.

The music video, directed by Xack Gibson (Bag Fry Productions), features a myriad of shots of songwriter/guitarist Laura Balke standing in front of a doorway in a beautiful red dress; sitting in front of a mirror, and sitting beside a window in a darkened room. These shots are cut among shots of Balke and her band mates performing, and a woman sitting on a bed with her hair wrapped in white material. As the video progresses Balke is singing her song and viewers realize that she is sitting in a hair salon. A hairstylist tucks back her long blonde locks and begins shaving away her hair, which falls in clumps upon the floor. Soon, Balke’s head is completely shaved and she begins cutting away at the red dress. Once freed from the dress, the new Balke is seen performing with her band before a small audience. By the end of the video, viewers see Balke unwrap herself from the white head wrap, lean toward the other wrapped woman, pull back her wrap to reveal a balding head, and kiss her upon her forehead.

It’s a touching and impacting message that I feel will resonate with all who take the time to watch and listen. We all have battles in our lives and we all have times when it seems hard to pull out of the darkness of self-doubt. This song is a reminder of how much strength we really have within ourselves to endure and persevere.

PS: The hair cut — totally real, I nearly freaked the last time I saw her, and she is as beautiful as ever.


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