New Video: “Needing/Getting” – OK Go

Here’s a dose of inspiration:

Six years ago, OK Go released a music video on its own, outside of its record label’s interest (at the time). The video featured choreography on treadmills and became one of the most popular videos (ever) on YouTube. Fast forward to 2012, and the band is pretty much getting paid to put those creative brains to use and find interesting and inspiring ways to share their music.

This video for “Needing/Getting” (from 2010’s Of the Blue Colour of the Sky) is no exception. It’s fun, creative, and completely out of the box. In partnership with car manufacturer Chevrolet (featuring the Chevy Sonic), the video uses instruments, vehicles, and various other sound-making objects to recreate the band’s song in a real live musician’s playground. Just imagine if amusement parks were like this.

If you’ve ever needed a reason to believe in yourself when others are in doubt, look to this band.

Hear the album version of “Needing/Getting”

PS: I remember when this band sounded like THIS, so seriously, believe in yourself. You can do it (whatever it is, and hopefully it’s for the common good.)


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