Start Kicking: Two Indiana Musical Causes That Need Your Support

Two new Kickstarter campaigns caught my attention this week and BOTH are from musical projects based in Indiana. If you are not quite familiar with Kickstarter yet, it is a popular “crowdfunding” website, meaning people can set up online profiles detailing projects that they are raising funds to complete with a deadline and fundraising goal. Anyone who visits the page has an open opportunity to pledge money toward the project’s completion. If the goal amount is raised by the set deadline, the project will be funded by those pledges. If the goal amount is not met, the project is not funded, and none of the pledges are carried through. It’s a great way to not only raise funds for projects that may otherwise not happen, but to a way to connect people, ideas, and common interests. It also helps spread awareness and creativity.
Here are two projects that I recommend:
The first project is Midwest Underground, a Bloomington initiative that showcases area talents in music, comedy, and videography.

Developed by a group of friends and musicians in a spacious basement, Midwest Underground is a webseries that features live music, short films, and original comedy sketches as well as other odds and ends that the crew finds space for. With a variety of entertaining characters and music from area’s finest rock bands, Midwest Underground has quickly become a site bookmarked on laptops throughout the region. MU has already featured bands you probably love like hotfox, You’re A Liar, The Broderick, Hard Candy Hearts and Cave Bear. However, producing such high quality footage comes at a cost, and in the college town, even the post-collegiates are short on funds.

For its Kickstarter goal, the Midwest Underground crew is aiming to raise $10,000 to put toward promotion and computer equipment. The team would like to find ways to get Midwest Underground and its exclusive content in front of more eyes (and ears) even beyond the Midwest, which can mean great opportunities for the featured musicians, artists, and other talents of the project. The project has already attracted 25% of the funding goal in a week, be a part of helping this project grow!

Funding Deadline: March 16, 2012

Learn about and FUND this project


The second project hits close to home again, coming from a band in the city where I did most of my growing up in, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Metavari is hard to describe. It is a musical conquest really, as the musicians are constantly pushing the envelope between being a rock or electronic band, it’s really a blend of both.

Starting with its Ambling EP in 2008, the instrumental band has captivated audiences with its electronic-based rock, engaging live shows, and thought-provoking props – including video projections and pre-recorded narrations. In the four years since, Metavari has released a full-length album Be One Of Us and Hear No Noise, scored a sound recording project, and performed alongside the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Talk about stretching boundaries, when it comes to creative minds, this four-piece has them in spades.

Now, Metavari is working on a new album to be titled Gravity is Still Everywhereand according to the promo video, the band is once again looking to challenge itself by re-evaluating the former constraints of its sound to reinventing itself. The goal is set at $5,o00, and the wishlist is specific: album packaging, equipment and upgrades, instruments, some horses for a photo shoot, and apparently a neon sign.

Take the time to listen to Metavari’s past work, and I assure you that you will understand why this creative force must make this next album. It will not disappoint, and will definitely be a work of modern, multi-media art.

Funding Deadline: March 31, 2012

Learn about and FUND THIS PROJECT


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