Maps & Atlases @ The Bishop TONIGHT

Photo courtesy of Big Hassle Publicity

Maps & Atlases

@ The Bishop, 9:30 PM

Bloomington, IN

with The Broderick and Qur’ an Qur’ an

That’s correct people, TONIGHT, my longtime friends and favorite band Maps & Atlases hit Bloomington for the start of its springtime touring. If you know anything about this band then you know that you should be in attendance. And even if you don’t, just check out the band’s music, and I don’t mean solely the recently released Perch Patchwork which has really given the band a publicity jolt, I’m talking the EPs You and Me and the Mountain, or my personal favorite, 2006’s Tree, Swallows, Houses. Try any of these and you will find a band with many layers, many sounds, technical proficiency, and of course, talent. (If you really think you are getting into it, take a peek at the Maps & Atlases (Unofficial) MySpace and hear some really rare gems from the Bird Barnyard EP days…)

Bringing with them new songs from the forthcoming album Beware and Be Grateful, expect some surprises and never before seen/heard performances from the well-rehearsed musicians. Also, with local support from heavy hitters The Broderick and the more mysterious Qur’an Qur’an, this is building up to be a show not to be missed. Tickets are still available at the door for $13.00.

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