Reminder: Midwest Underground Kickstarter Campaign

Remember that awesome music incubator project Shaking Through that featured local band Dreamers of the Ghetto and so many other amazing up-and-coming indie artists last year? Well, I’m here to tell you about the Bloomington version of that, well, sort of.

Midwest Underground is an amazing labor of love that was created by a talented and dedicated group of aspiring videographers, actors, writers, audio engineers, and (most importantly) music lovers. It’s a web series that features not only amazing live performances of some of Bloomington’s most impressive up-and-coming bands, but also touring bands who stop through town, as well as comedic sketches, short films, how-to tutorials, and any other features that the team can pack into an episode.

It’s a wonderful project, and all who are involved work and contribute so much of their time, creativity, energy, and even dollars into keeping it afloat. And it’s so important and beneficial to the many talents that are showcased. Midwest Underground could easily be soon recognized as the Shaking Through, If You Make It, or even Daytrotter of the Bloomington/South Central Indiana area. It provides quality video performances for musicians to share with fans and potential promoters, and displays a wide assortment of talent in audio, visual, and creative art. Unfortunately, unless the project can get more financial support, it’s going to be much harder for the team to keep pumping out these gems.

The Midwest Underground crew has been soliciting funding pledges via Kickstarter for over a month now and have only made about half of its funding goal. The funding deadline is THIS FRIDAY AFTERNOON (March 16 @ 6:43 PM) and YOU can help make that goal a reality. Click here to make your pledge, and remember that your pledge will only go through if the entire goal is met.

If you aren’t ready to take my word from it, how about these guys’?
Note: These videos were made within 24 hours of these bands’ performances last week. Seriously, Kevin Winkler and Andy Beargie, have serious video/audio production chops!

The Broderick



Make your pledge to Midwest Underground NOW! (please?)

Check out Midwest Underground:

Midwest Underground Episodes


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