Dreamers of the Ghetto: “Night Hawks”

It’s been months since the release of Dreamers of the Ghetto‘s debut album Enemy/Lover, yet I still keep finding reasons to talk about that amazing collection of songs. I feel like every few months, I find something new to love about a different song, and lately, I’ve really been getting into the ninth track on the album “Night Hawks“.

I remember sitting down with the band to interview them on WFHB just after the album came out and this track was one of a few (along with “Connection“), that bandmember Lauren Jones described as a “romantic” song. And that it is, in fact, I’m going to be honest and tell you that the song is way more than romantic, it’s downright sexy. From the sultry and seductive vocals, to the heavy hitting pulse of the track and its spacey keyboards, the song gets inside your head. I mean check out the opening lines:

Didn’t you know I see through ya, right through those clothes you’re wearing?
And up from above you look so good, even the hosts are staring.

Immediately, the song takes on a passion and wanting of its own. The rhythm drives ahead and the chorus confirms the thoughts running through the two characters’ minds with that longing glance:

It’s done, it’s already over, you won me (be)fore the night was over.

It’s such a beautiful, seductive song that is delivered with distinct, matter-of-fact tone. It’s like locking eyes with the object of your affection across a crowded room, and both of you knowing, in that moment, that you’ve got each other right where you want them. The power that the track has to seep into your thoughts and emotions is what really makes the track stand out. And better yet, even when the song is stripped down to simplicity, it still holds that gravity. I remember when the song sounded like this, and I was still mesmerized by it:


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