In My Box: The Royalty

The thing about music blogging, is that once you start, if you tend to write decent things, people take notice. And yes, that is the point of the blog in the first place, to get people to read what you write, but when you find yourself suddenly with an inbox full of emails from bands, promoters, and publicists wanting you to check out new music, and can be overwhelming.  Since most of us bloggers do this in our small quantities of spare time between our ‘day jobs’, it’s hard to read every email and listen to every band, let alone find the time to write about it. However, sometimes, you actually find a musical gem that inspires you to write something. Today that gem in my inbox was The Royalty.

The Royalty

I’ll happily admit that the first thing that caught my attention was that it is based out of El Paso, Texas, which was one of my many childhood hometowns. These days, when that I used to live there people respond with a lot of negativity, so it’s nice to see something positive, especially in the form of music coming from border city. Upon checking out the singles, I’d have to say what I like most about The Royalty so far, is that the songs that I was sent are nothing like each other. It’s always a good indicator for me, when I check out a new artist, and the music sounds diverse from the start. The video single “How I Like Em” has an easy-breezy, rock-steady, sitting-at-the-beach tone, aided by the lightly pulsed keyboards and splashy guitars. Then singer Nicole Boudreau breaks out in her very Amy Whinehouse-esque voice, singing about something we ladies all know well, falling for those no-good, all drama, bad boys. The song is an easy listen and I found myself humming it just minutes later when heading to the kitchen to make a snack.

The next track was an audio-only take of “I Want You“, which is a fast-paced, beach-rock tune where the vocalist trades in that saucy R&B voice, for a soft and sensual style, like a cross between Kim Gordon and The Raveonettes. The band itself is very together, accurately interpreting its beachy, indie-rock sound without sound like another Best Coast. The track has summer sprinkled all over it and is dangerously catchy and refreshing. Not bad for a band full of teachers, a news anchor, and a rocket scientist.

Both tracks will be featured on Lovers the band’s Victory Records (yes, this surprised me, too) debut which will be available on May 8.

More About The Royalty:


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