Now Streaming: ALL XRA Records Releases!

Just a quick message to let you know that my favorite hometown label Crossroads of America Records (XRA) now features a full archive of its releases for your streaming (and purchasing) pleasure, even albums that have been previously out of print!

This means you can get listening to your current faves like husband&wife, Metavari, and Bro. Stephen AND enjoy classics like Away With Vega, MAPS, and Canterbury Effect. You’ll even find old-school releases from husband&wife, Rodeo Ruby Love, and more. I strongly recommend you get listening, because here you will find a collection of some of the greatest bands to come out of the Midwest scene. I have been so inspired by the bands and friends of this label and it really means the world to me that I can share it with you!

XRA Musical Archive (bandcamp)

Classic XRA Recommendations:
Away With Vega (Marion, IN) – Seriously, I remember a time when I didn’t think I could live without this band’s music. A Year At Home is the last recording this band did together, and they made it count.
There is love, there is love, there is love in my heart, but I can’t, but I can’t seem to put it to use. Every time I try, it caves back in. There is love tucked tightly between my sins.

Chemic (Louisville, KY) – Before there was Bro. Stephen, there was Chemic:

Canterbury Effect (Brazil/Terre Haute, IN) – This band just rocked it so hardcore.

Alexander the Great (Bloomington, IN) – This is the first song that I fell in love with by this band. Unfortunately, it’s about my least favorite television series Lost, but it marks the beginning of a long and wonderful friendship with these great musicians.

husband&wife Quick Nudes: demos (Bloomington, IN) – I love husband&wife, everyone knows that, but this album of demos features some of their most amazing songwriting in its most raw form. Hear tunes from their game-changing album dark dark woods in their ‘idea phases’, plus one of my favorite rare tracks “Chris and Dana”, with Mike Adams wrote for a friend’s wedding and never performed live:


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