New Crush: The Khanz

When a friend told me to check out a new Australian band called The Khanz, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I haven’t been to Sydney in 3 years and am way behind on the music scene there, but from what I remember, it is incredibly varied in sounds. Bands take influential cues from so many cultures and styles, there is no one “Australian” sound. With The Khanz, this is no different. Check out the band’s fresh video for “Prescription Culture”, created by media group Bermudans.

The Khanz has a fresh and upbeat sound that is sprinkled with lush island melodies and African beats. Led by vocalist/guitarist Themba Thompson’s (who is strongly influenced by his South African roots) sincere yet unforced vocals, the band’s latest single “Prescription Culture” begs the listener’s attention in a hypnotizing way. Between the high-pitched African-style tones in the guitars and percussion, light drumwork, and chorus-style background vocals, you will find yourself singing and swaying along in seconds. Inspired by a documentary investigating American parents prescribing behavior drugs to their children, “Prescription Culture” lightly touches on an existing issue in an intriguing way:

Someday we might all just wake up in jail, but no one’s looking so no one will”

The band’s latest EP, Natural Instinct was released April 13 and produced by legendary musician and producer Tim Powles (The Church), and sounds like a positive new start for The Khanz. Not only has Powles done a great job of capturing the band’s unique musical style, but also their fun and carefree approach to performing and making music. I can’t wait to be in the front row when this band tours the US.

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