Polyvinyl Snags Stagnant Pools

I’m so behind on posts! It happens. Please have faith that I have much to tell you guys, two album reviews will be up soon. In the mean time, I’m really excited to tell you that local alt/rock duo Stagnant Pools has signed with indie label Polyvinyl Records.

The brotherly duo, consisting of Bryan and Doug Enas, spent its time outside of classes playing constantly throughout the Midwest, even opening for now label-mates Japandroids earlier this year. Polyvinyl will release the band’s debut album Temporary Room on CD and vinyl (choice of black or white) on August 7th, each purchase includes a digital download. If you are having trouble waiting, head over to the Stagnant Pools bandcamp where for a limited time the band will be unloading cassette copies of the album leftover from the independent release. There are only about 16 copies left of the original 100 cassettes!

If you are a little more patient, just sit tight, pre-order the album now, and enjoy the single “Dead Sailor” which is available for a free download.


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