New Video: “Live Free” – 3rd Eye Visionaries

As I mentioned earlier, Fall brings out some of the best of Bloomington’s creative flavors. Festivals and events, change in seasons, and new music that bands have been waiting to unleash are some to the many highlights of this time of the year. Today’s new music comes from local hip-hop duo 3rd Eye Visionaries. The group has been setting the tone since releasing its debut Sight Beyond in the summer of 2011, and already have a new collection of songs, beats, and rhymes for our listening pleasure.

Live Free” comes from Survival Skillz, Vol. 1 and is a strong track about how hard it is to make ends meet these days. This is a message many can relate to: living paycheck to paycheck, soaking in debt, and trying to turn our dreams into viable careers. R-Juna and Philmatic lay it down so clearly, the hardships and the frustrations, but where the video really shines is that it’s ultimately about hope. We still have so much to be grateful for, and sometimes that hope gets lost in the day-to-day fuss. The video, a creation of Byron Jordan Wolter of Grumpy Golden Productions, is true 3rd Eye Visionaries style, showcasing the town and outskirts of Bloomington, as well as featuring local musician Andy Aronis who contributed the piano arrangements for the track.


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