Tonight in Bloomington: Bro. Stephen, Kalispell, John Davey @ Bear’s Place

Attendees to Bear’s Place tonight are in for a treat. An all-star Midwest lineup featuring Kalispell (Eau Claire, WI), Bro. Stephen (Louisville, KY/Bloomington, IN), and John Davey (West Lafayette, IN) will be stopping through as their tour paths combine. Each musician has a special connection with Bloomington, having either lived, recorded, or performed here over the past few years. Some have even performed in each others bands and borrowed each others songs. What I’m getting to is this is a tight-knit lineup of musicians that will more likely make you feel like your are at home listening to them, they sound like family.

Bro. Stephen, Kalispell, John Davey
Bear’s Place (1316 E 3rd Street)
Tues., October 2, 8:00 PM,
$5 (Doors @ 7pm)

Scott Kirkpatrick of Bro. Stephen has lived in Bloomington off-and-on, recently completed a full-length album, Baptist Girls with local record label Crossroads of America Records. And we all know that anyone on the XRA label is required to visit town at least twice a year (well, maybe not required, but they have a good habit of keeping up appearances).

Kalispell is a band I was introduced to through Scott. The band was booked with him at house show last year, and I became a devoted fan. Hailing from Eau Claire, WI, Kalispell is the musical endeavor of multi-instrumentalist Shane Leonard. As this is the first Bloomington performance since the release of the band’s debut album Westbound, I expect to see that small house show audience grow to include more friends of friends and new faces.

Honestly, I can’t remember if it was Laura K. Balke or Scott Kirkpatrick who introduced John Davey‘s music to me. His name has been a constant in that circle of friends for years, as he’s supported both artists on tour. He’s a spirited singer-songwriter with a knack for musical storytelling.


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