Kickstarter: Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife

Alright, this is it. The moment many have been waiting for. One of Bloomington’s most beloved bands husband&wife, is ready to make a new record, and we all know how long that can take. These hardworking guys take their time to craft their songs, recordings, and every detail of the physical component. At times they’ve taken up to five years to release new work. Want to help bridge the gap between you and the next husband&wife release? Support the band!

husband&wife has taken on its first Kickstarter campaign called Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife. What’s it all about? The band is preparing and raising funds to release its next musical project, a two-song 7″ vinyl single. Now, as I said, they’ve been known to take their time; the last time this band released a 7″ was in 2005, a split single with then-Marion, Indiana band Away With Vega. Do the math folks, that’s seven years and one defunct band ago. With your help the single can be in the hands of fans (yourself included) as early as February 2013 (which means a full-length album won’t be too far behind!)

There are tons of GREAT rewards planned for those who lend financial support, so head on over to the Kickstarter page and find an amount that fits your budget and a gift for your generosity! In only three days, the campaign has already met 75% of its goal, and there is no pledge to big or to small to help this project reach 100%!

PLEDGE NOW: Kickstarter – Seven Inches of Heaven with husband&wife

More about husband&wife
Crossroads of America Records


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