Election Day 2012: Please Vote!

I’ve covered my reasons on why you should consider voting in the federal, state, and local elections today, but the biggest is that decisions to be made by next president, governor, or even school superintendent will affect more lives than just your own. Consider the big picture when you decide whether or not to go to the polls and which candidates to support.

It’s not my place to tell you who to vote for, that’s 100% your decision and your right, but I will show you HOW to vote.

  1. Find your polling location (that means where you go to vote, depends on your address)
  2. Pay close attention to what forms of identification are valid for voter ID. (In some places a college/university or veteran ID card is not enough.) Also, know what options you have if you do not have the correct form of ID
  3. Note the polling location times and plan accordingly. Going during the lunch break is always a bad idea, unless your lunch break is more than one hour or not between the time of 11:30-1:30.
  4. Study up on the candidates. Vote for someone who acknowledges the issues that are important to you and that you believe can address them in an appropriate manner.
  5. Get out and VOTE! *and wear the little “I Voted” sticker to remind others!

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