New Music: Lily & Madeleine – “The Weight of the Globe”


Indianapolis sister duo Lily & Madeleine released debut EP The Weight of the Globe today.The five-song EP is currently available digitally via bandcamp and is a treat for all listeners. Those who have been enjoying the teaser videos featuring minimal instrumentation will have their ears in happy overload upon hearing the finished accompaniment.

Often compared to harmonizing vocal groups like Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kit, and Alela Diana & Alina Hardin, Lily & Madeleine have be captivating listeners with their soft yet dignified voices and dual-part harmonies. The fresh arrangements are carefully carved to keep the focus on the voices while adding a warmth to the song structures. Unlike the teaser videos, are surprisingly more rock arrangements such as “These Great Things” and “Tired” which have a sort of Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s vibe… which I like very much. While every song is stellar and worth continuous listens, the standout track for me would be “Back to the River”. The song does an excellent job of using light and varied accompaniment and a great use of silence to break up verses and add heart-renching dramatic affect.

Recorded and produced by Paul Mahern at White Arc Studios, the album features an impressive listing of assistance and accompaniment including Kenny Childers (The Gentleman Caller, Mysteries of Life, Velo Deluxe), Matt Tobey (Matty Pop Chart, Good Luck, Memory Map, Kimya Dawson), Shannon Hayden and more. The strong young songwriters are well on their way toward big things, already turning heads of Midwest new music sources such as My Old Kentucky Blog and Thoughts on Tracks. Their February 9 show at the Do317 Lodge has already sold out, prompting the addition of a matinee performance. **Update: As of 1/18/2013 the matinee performance is also SOLD OUT**

At just under five bucks, this EP is worth more than every penny and will easily be your best buy of the day. Download The Weight of the Globe now.


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