In My Box: Moor Hound

Blogger inboxes are always full of requests to cover music, often there is just too much to go around. But sometimes, you click a link and find something that speaks to you. This week that ‘something’ was Stifled Spirit by Moor Hound.

Stifled Spirit

Do ever have moments when you see album artwork that perfectly sets the tone and setting for the music behind it? That’s what happened to me this week with Moor Hound‘s Stifled Spirit. I knew nothing about the band, but when I hit that ‘play’ icon I felt at homeStifled Spirit was released this past Tuesday and is available digitally as well as on CD via Rhed Rholl Recordings. The cover image taken on an outdoor walk with a friend and a dog set the perfect tone for this album. Spending time in the ‘great outdoors’ offers us the opportunity to disengage from our often overcrowded thoughts and lifestyles, to reconnect with the simplicity of life and reflect on observations. Stifled Spirit does just that, with guitar-driven folk tunes and introspective conversations.

Much like Kalispell, another rustic/acoustic favorite of mine, Moor Hound (the music of Steve Marino) has a gift for capturing setting in a sound.  Stifled Spirit is full of songs that could have been written on a back porch watching the Sun go down, or while throwing pebbles into a creek beneath a canopy of trees. It’s got a simplistic tone, and imaginative yet grounded lyrics.

Give this album a try and let it take you home, to that place in your mind where you feel safe to wonder, relax, and/or do absolutely nothing at all.


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