New Video: The Grayces – “Old Man” (Live on WFHB)

As I’ve mentioned, I host a weekly radio segment on Bloomington’s WFHB Community Radio station called Local Live. A few weeks ago we featured a rockin’ trio from Nashville, TN called The Grayces. If you haven’t checked out that band I highly recommend it, they are heavy and powerful in their execution and ambition, and worth every note. The Grayces consists of the fierce lead vocals and guitar skills of Iz Stone, masterful bass playing from Patrick Ward, and controlled intensity from drummer Chas Cantrell. Together they deliver their own brand of rock and roll that is both appreciative of old school rebellious rock and relevant to the modern listener. The band had some of the Local Live session recorded and photographed by local visual artist Garrett Poortinga of Green Hat Photography and created this music video for a new song “Old Man“. Check out the video above, and check out the audio from Local Live session here. (Also, if you watch the entire vid, you’ll see a little cameo of yours truly at the end…)

The Grayces also performed for WTIU’s The Weekly Special and played a show at The Bishop while visiting Bloomington. Here’s a great interview with the band from their Bishop show:


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