“Methodist Lift” – One Song, Two Takes

Today I’m sharing with you a song by Indianapolis musician and designer NM Kjeldsen called “Methodist Lift“. It’s the closing song from The Black Bear EP which he released in 2011 and is a song that is never far from my mind. The music has a mellow and somber tone with a melodic guitar and steady percussion line to set the song up. The contemplative verses set in and are followed by a chorus made up of a call-and-response guitar line. It’s a straightforward, minimal, and contemporary piece, and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And apparently when I first heard it — in a backyard concert — someone else was inspired by it, too.

I’ve already filled this blog with my admiration for Eau Claire, WI band Kalispell. 2012’s Westbound is one of my favorite albums from last year and I only grow to appreciate it more with every listen. Songwriter Shane Leonard was also present at the backyard concert and was taken with “Methodist Lift” as well. He traveled back home and started working on the song, incorporating his old-time music influences to create a folk rendition laden with banjo and steel guitar. This version of “Methodist Lift” appeared on Westbound.

One amazing song, two great arrangements.

Bonus Vid: Kalispell “Methodist Lift” at Davis & Elkins College


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